Childhood is Magical

I choose to take care of children as my job for a myriad of reasons, foremost because I believe in the precious and magical time that is childhood and find great joy in being part of nourishing your child’s growth and development. The wellbeing of your child is at the heart of my business and service.

  • Children learn through imitation, therefore I strive to be a role model worthy or this imitation.
  • Daily, weekly and yearly rhythm, support a child’s life, learning and sense of security. (Rhythm and repetition will be fostered through music & song, movement games, practical activities like baking, painting, gardening and a consistent routine balancing rest and activity.)
  • Play is children’s work (I provide a balance between playing out their own initiative and working together as a group guided by the teacher.)
  • Toys should be chosen for their open ended uses, possibilities and fantasy. The toys are good quality, made of natural materials when possible and are age appropriate for a child’s developing senses.
  • Children should have time out of doors everyday regardless of the weather. Nature provides nourishment for the senses.
  • Seasonal celebrations can help your child and family feel more connected to our community. They also help children develop an understanding of and respect for differences.
  • Children deserve spaces that are beautiful, orderly, clean and as free from toxic substances as they possibly can be.
  • Mutual home and Childcare support create a bridge between home and Childcare through a variety of means of communication including weekly parent connections.
  • A well planned and supplied indoor environment, and a safe outdoor environment can provide a child with all the opportunities needed for a child to thrive and develop mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Singing, dancing, working with natural materials, stories and humor are all very important.

  • Children should be given time to create art, and introducing the joy of hand work will develop fine motor skills and lots of ways to express oneself.

  • Community connection is important to practice daily by enjoying places, spaces and the people that enrich them.
  • All should learn how important it is to respect for the First Nations People and their land on which we play and stay on each day.