A child's birthday is a very special day and we honour it with a short but sweet little celebration. I ask that you bring

Probationary Period

The first month of care is considered probationary, during which either the parent or the childcare provider may decide to terminate care. After the


Mountain Kids Childcare has a u-shaped driveway with slopes on either side of the u. Whenever possible, please drive up the driveway to


Your child will have many opportunities to play with developmentally appropriate toys every day.

Dress Code

In the interest of providing an environment that supports your young child's development and growing imagination, please follow this dress code to the

Illness & Health

Mountain Kids Childcare is structured to include procedures for management of illness and exclusion of children from care to protect the general health

Behaviour & Guidance

Mountain Kids Childcare is a safe and secure place for all children, where everyone is respected. Positive guidance strategies encourage self-guidance and are

Care & Supervision

At Mountain Kids Childcare I want the children to reach their highest potential and take my role of providing supervision seriously. Supervision is

Food & Drink

On Mondays and Fridays all food is supplied. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays morning snacks, lunches and afternoon snacks must be provided by

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