Children at Mountain Kids Childcare will play outdoors at least once every day except in extreme wind, snow or rainstorms. Being warm is of great importance to the healthy development of a young child. Your child will need warm clothing for playing inside and outdoors.

Please supply complete body covering from head to toe, with consideration to waterproofing, sun-proofing, and mud-proofing.

  • Waterproof boots
  • Rain pants and rain coat
  • Several pair of mittens
  • A change of clothes in a small bag or backpack
  • Shoes for indoors that fit well and can be put on by your child
  • A sunhat
    April to October

  • A warm hat
    November to March

When arriving at the beginning of the day, all back packs will be checked for proper supplies. If clothing, lunch or water bottle is missing children may be sent home with parents to retrieve missing articles.