Holidays: Mountain Kids Childcare will be closed on all statutory holidays and closed for 1 week at Christmas, 1 week over Spring Break, and 2 weeks in the summer. I will provide all families with ample notice as to the exact dates of these holidays.

Caregiver Cancellation: In the event of a caregiver cancellation of a regularly attended day the parent will not be charged for that day and at the end of the month these fees will be pro-rated or refunded. If Mountain Kids Childcare is closed because of inclement weather there will not be a reimbursement.

Provider Holidays: Mountain Kids Childcare will be closed for 1 week in December, 1 week in March, and two weeks in July. Parents are still required to pay for their child’s spot during these closures. Without holiday time, your caregiver will burn out and then there will be no more childcare. Nobody wants that to happen!

Also, in order to maintain a predictable and steady income for her family, the caregiver has planned these four weeks of paid vacation time into both her family budget and the budget for Mountain Kids Childcare to invest into maintenance and upgrades, special outings and experiences for the children.

Clients Holidays: Parents pay in full for their vacation time, personal days off and holidays. There will be no refunds or rate adjustments made to rates for the time missed due to illness, holidays, vacations or personal days when your child is not at Mountain Kids Childcare.