Mountain Kids Childcare is a safe and secure place for all children, where everyone is respected.

Positive guidance strategies encourage self-guidance and are based on the belief that children can learn impulse control to develop responsibility, respect, self-confidence and sensitivity in their interactions with others. They are done for a child and with the child, rather than to simply stop them from behaving in undesirable ways. The “guider of children” takes into consideration what is typical at a child’s age and stage of development, the child’s individual temperament, the environment (people, place and things) that influences the child and the fact that children are influenced by the adults who care for them.

Mountain Kids Childcare works with a structured rhythm of activities to our day so the children are familiar and comfortable with the routine. This is essential to preventing discipline problems. Providing an aesthetic, adequately sized, organized play space both indoors and outdoors will allow children to play in a relaxed manner and avoid conflicts. An approach of loving firmness is used when dealing with inappropriate behavior; getting down to the child’s level, making eye contact, using a quiet and firm tone of voice when the behaviour is such that it:

  • Would hurt the child
  • Would hurt someone else
  • Would damage property
  • Or support is needed to encourage a respectful interaction

The child is redirected in a positive way. At no time is a child isolated or confined, and neither is physical or emotional punishment used.

  • Children are encouraged to share, take turns and to develop self-discipline

  • Clear, consistent and simple limits are set and quietly enforced. E.g. “Hands are washed before we eat.”

  • Limits are stated in a positive way focusing on what to do instead of what not to do. E.g. “It’s time to put the blocks away” instead of “Don’t leave the blocks on the floor”

  • Focuses on the behaviour not the child in order to maintain integrity and dignity. E.g. “When you grab the truck, it makes Sam angry” rather than “You should be ashamed for grabbing that truck”

  • Offering straight forward explanations for limits helps children follow them. E.g. “The sand stays down low so it doesn’t get into people’s eyes.”

  • Positive/desirable behaviour is reinforced with a smile, gesture or words.

In some situations it may be necessary to bring observations of the child’s behaviour to the attention of the parents. If, after a reasonable amount of time, a child is not adjusting well to Mountain Kids Childcare’s behavioral expectations this will be discussed with the parent. Ideas and suggestions will be shared, implemented and further observations will be made. Possible solutions might include having the child come for a shorter part of the day or to enlist professional services to support the child. In rare instances, I may recognize that I am not able to work with a child within the framework of Mountain Kids Childcare’s policies and procedures. If this happens, parents will be informed and a plan will be made to stop providing care for the child.