Active Play and Screen Time

There will be very limited television screen time given to children at Mountain Kids Childcare – thirty minutes per day maximum. Each day children will be encouraged to play actively and imaginatively. Children at Mountain Kids Childcare will receive a healthy amount of physical activity. We will be outdoors at least once a day.

Food & Drink

On Mondays and Fridays all food is supplied. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays morning snacks, lunches and afternoon snacks must be provided by the parents. This is a way to have children and parents get familiar with how to prepare an organized, well balanced lunch. Lunch kits should be small and easy to open.

Safe Release of Children

To ensure the safety of all children, Mountain Kids Childcare will only release a child to their parent or to an authorized person who has been given written permission to pick up. If an unknown person arrives to pick up the child, the child will not be released without written permission. A personal text

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