A child's birthday is a very special day and we honour it with a short but sweet little celebration. I ask that you bring a food treat to share with the children on this day and join us if you can!

Administration of Medication Policy

I will administer prescription medication as per the permission form signed and filled out by the parents. The medicine will be appropriately stored in a child proof locked container in the refrigerator or in the cupboard out of reach. I will not administer Tylenol or other fever reducing medication. If a child requires such medication

Holidays & Important Dates

Holidays: Mountain Kids Childcare will be closed on all statutory holidays and closed for 1 week at Christmas, 1 week over Spring Break, and 2 weeks in the summer. I will provide all families with ample notice as to the exact dates of these holidays. Caregiver Cancellation: In the event of a caregiver cancellation of


Mountain Kids Childcare has a u-shaped driveway with slopes on either side of the u. Whenever possible, please drive up the driveway to drop off and pick up your child. Please be considerate to our neighbours and do not block any drive ways.


Your child will have many opportunities to play with developmentally appropriate toys every day.

Dress Code

In the interest of providing an environment that supports your young child's development and growing imagination, please follow this dress code to the best of your ability: Dress for the weather. Use layers to ensure that your child is warm enough and can adjust their comfort by removing a layer of clothing if necessary.

Illness & Health

Mountain Kids Childcare is structured to include procedures for management of illness and exclusion of children from care to protect the general health of them and others in the home. It is Mountain Kids Childcare’s policy to assess a child's health as soon as they arrive for the day. As a caregiver I am

Emergency Plan – Fire Safety, Life Safety

When in local, outdoor learning environments we will have unique, joyful adventures. These adventures will have risks associated with them. Potential emergencies are different when you are not inside of a building. Mountain Kids Childcare has a comprehensive guide for emergency procedures and these are outlined here: Types of potential emergencies: Windstorm Dog attack

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