On Mondays and Fridays all food is supplied.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays morning snacks, lunches and afternoon snacks must be provided by the parents. This is a way to have children and parents get familiar with how to prepare an organized, well balanced lunch. Lunch kits should be small and easy to open. I have found that bento box style lunch boxes help to organize food in a visually appealing way for your child. Limited use of prepackaged snacks is encouraged.

For snack and mealtimes on Mondays and Fridays special effort is put into preparing all foods, using the Canadian Food Safe standards. The food that will be provided will be balanced and wholesome, often organically grown, low in sugar and refined products. The Canadian Food Guide will be followed with proteins, grains, dairy or dairy substitutes, fruits and vegetables offered at snack times and lunch.

All children’s dietary restrictions will be accommodated for. Please ensure that these are clearly indicated on the intake form.

Water bottles are to be provided by the family Monday to Friday. Water is always available and accessible.

At Mountain Kids Childcare we will sit together at meal times, taking advantage of the many learning opportunities that this social activity offers. It is here where we will learn about food, traditions, culture, table manners and social skills. The table will be set and a great opportunity for more focused yet relaxed conversation will be provided.