Emergency Contact Information Policy

I require each child to have emergency contact information available. In the event your child is unwell or otherwise needs to be sent home, I will contact parents first and then will move down the list of emergency contacts until a responsible adult can be reached.  

Probationary Period

The first month of care is considered probationary, during which either the parent or the childcare provider may decide to terminate care. After the first month of care both the parent and the caregiver are required to give one calendar months’ notice to terminate care.  

Orientation and Gradual Entry

It is very important that you and your child feel comfortable at the childcare. It takes time to build trust in a new and unfamiliar setting. It may be necessary for your child to begin with half days or a shorter week depending on the child and the parents’ schedule. This can be assessed and

Withdrawal / Termination

At least one month written notice is required for withdrawal of your child from Mountain Kids Childcare. If withdrawal is immediate, parents are responsible for payment of one month fee in lieu of notice. Mountain Kids Childcare reserves the right to terminate service at any time, at Mountain Kids Childcare's sole discretion. Fees for the

Behaviour & Guidance

Mountain Kids Childcare is a safe and secure place for all children, where everyone is respected. Positive guidance strategies encourage self-guidance and are based on the belief that children can learn impulse control to develop responsibility, respect, self-confidence and sensitivity in their interactions with others. They are done for a child and with the

Care & Supervision

At Mountain Kids Childcare I want the children to reach their highest potential and take my role of providing supervision seriously. Supervision is one of the essential requirements in the prevention of accidents and injury in any childcare facility. I have the skills required to assess potential risks and to be able to implement

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