When in local, outdoor learning environments we will have unique, joyful adventures. These adventures will have risks associated with them. Potential emergencies are different when you are not inside of a building. Mountain Kids Childcare has a comprehensive guide for emergency procedures and these are outlined here:

Types of potential emergencies:

  • Windstorm
  • Dog attack
  • Fallen Tree
  • Forest fire
  • Critical injury
  • Drowning (secondary drowning)
  • Wildlife encounter (deer)
  • Dangerous person
  • Gas Leak
  • Hydro Line down

When we are out on an adventure a copy of our emergency assessment flow chart will be located in the first aid kit that will always be on hand. In the event that any of the actions included in this policy must be enacted Mountain Kids Childcare will restock any and all supplies used immediately after the event, and a review of the policies and procedures will take place on the Friday afternoon following the event.

Mountain Kids Childcare will contact parents in person to provide counsel and guidance to aid their family through recovery of an emergency if needed.