Mountain Kids Childcare is structured to include procedures for management of illness and exclusion of children from care to protect the general health of them and others in the home.

It is Mountain Kids Childcare’s policy to assess a child’s health as soon as they arrive for the day.

As a caregiver I am responsible for the protection of all children in my care and must consider the implication illness has on other children, on myself, as well as the sick child. In the event of my own illness I will close for the day, and fees for this closure will be removed from the following month’s fees.

  • If a child is absent from a regularly scheduled day of care, the parent is responsible for the day’s fees in order to hold the child’s spot.
  • If a child is absent due to a communicable disease the caregiver reserves the right to request a doctor’s note be submitted prior to the child returning to care.
  • If a child is diagnosed with a serious illness or if there is an instance of contagious disease in the family the parent(s)/guardian(s) must notify the facility within 24 hours.

Absolute prevention of illness is impossible, however we can take steps to prevent the spread of illness. Please keep your child home if they are sick. Let them rest and recover with your loving support. Don’t force them to push through their illness because you have to work. I realize it is tough some days, however, we can all prevent the never ending cycle of coughs, sniffles, and colds that children can have when they attend childcare. Let’s all do our part to help one another stay healthy.